An interactive Orchestra to walk through

Tangible Orchestra is an interactive light and sound installation that combines electronic and classical music perceived very individually in a three-dimensional space. Single units are triggered by people in close proximity and play a unique instrument, with the collection of individual instruments gathering as people congregate in the project space, eventually creating a complete musical work.

Art, Concept and Development:

Picaroon (Rebecca Gischel & Sebastian Walter)

Music & Composing:
Video 1: Theresa Zaremba (UK)
Video 2+3: Ronald Jenkees (USA)

3D Printing Arduino Processing Ultrasonic Sensors LEDs

3D Printshow London (UK)
Glasgow Science Centre (UK)
Edinburgh Royal Mile (UK)

Depending on the positioning of the listener and the instruments currently active, the musical piece is perceived differently every time, as one can walk through the installation like through an orchestra playing. As electronic music is usually composed and arranged at the mixing desk, the installation creates the illusion of an orchestra playing a music piece that relies heavily on digitally created sounds and therefore could not be perceived this way.

Picaroon got nominated for the Global Award "Artist of the Year" with the installation Tangible Orchestra in London, 2014.