Are you using your time – or rather spending it?

Leitsungszeit is an interactive projection in public space. Projected thought bubbles above passing passerby are intended to make people think about their time and how they spend it. If the passerby wave their hands, they change the content of their thought bubbles until they like their thoughts.

Art, Concept and Development:

Picaroon (Rebecca Gischel & Sebastian Walter)

Technical Support:
Menno Kuyper (NL)

xBox Kinect, Skeleton Viewer

June - July 2012 in Stuttgart (DE)
July 2012 in Munich (DE)
August 2012 in Zurich(CH)

People are permanently in a hurry and seem not to have enough time. The project Leistungszeit addresses the problem of time management in today's society. Within an interactive projection in public space, time consciousness is created in order to provoke thought about using and spending one's own time. The project was displayed in the cities Munich, Zurich and Stuttgart. Pedestrians are given a "thought bubble" about possibilities of using their own time. By waving their arms, they could remove "their thought" in order to think differently about time. An xBox Kinect was used to detect walking people and when they waived their arms.